All day yesterday I was trying to figure out why May 20th felt significant, but it wasn't until I saw a picture from four years ago it hit me. May 20, 2016 I travelled from Brevard, NC to Orlando, FL to begin a crazy adventure working at Walt Disney World. The very next day, on... Continue Reading →

Day 60

Normalcy is a word thrown around often and rightfully so. It is normalcy we are craving, desiring, and begging for as we continue living in the most unusual times. As we move forward, we are heading to a new norm; or a normal redefined. My honest opinion is that the foreseeable future will produce unusual... Continue Reading →

Not Going Back

If you have been keeping up with "The Wild Ride" then you know that life's journey has taken me to New Orleans. Didn't know that? Well then you can read about it in my previous post. For anyone curious about the road beyond FY20, I'm not currently planning on going back to Florida.   The... Continue Reading →


Never would I have dreamt I would be where I am today. You all are probably thinking of one thing, but I can guarantee that is not the thing I am thinking of. This decade has been an adventurous one; one I would not necessarily trade for anything else. God has been good through thick and... Continue Reading →

Four More Years

It is weird to think about the fact that I have been in the Marine Corps nearly eight years. The time has flown and the time has passed slowly; also kind of weird. I remember beginning this adventure and I remember starting this blog (read my first post here) on my iPhone 4 while sitting... Continue Reading →


It is interesting when you regard something as insignificant but upon further review find it to be quite significant. My thought goes to the month of April. One exciting thing that happens every April is friends' birthdays (Happy birthday, Lanee'!), but otherwise I never really regarded the month of April as significant. Today I got... Continue Reading →

The Brotherhood

It is difficult to describe the Marine Corps and Marine Corps culture to people unfamiliar with it. Marines, first of all, are a unique bunch when compared to other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. We are called Devil Dogs, Jarheads, Leathernecks, and crazy. No matter what someone chooses to call us, we are family.... Continue Reading →


One of the weirdest things about life is that each and every one of us is doing life for the first time. Each of us entered 2019 differently and at different times. Each of us has at one point been a certain age, and some are reaching that age just now. No matter how you... Continue Reading →

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