People Post Perfection

I've recently spoken to some friends and seen images on social media that pointed out the harsh reality that, more often than not, people post perfection on the internet. The good times are great moments to share, but only sharing great moments can promote a false reality. The fact of the matter is that no... Continue Reading →


Home. Some say it's where the heart is. Maybe home is where mom is making homemade cinnamon rolls. Or maybe home is where you were born. I never really had a "home", so to speak, because my dad was in the Marines and we moved a lot. The hardest question to answer growing up was... Continue Reading →

Summer Update

Being back in the United States is certainly a blessing. Being back in the Greenville area is nice also. Being back at camp has been most excellent. I have really been enjoying my time back in the country thus far. After we left Miami we went to Camp Lejeune to complete our processing. My family... Continue Reading →


Today is the day. I have arrived back in the United States and I am happy to be back! It has been six months since my last good cup of sweet tea and a Chick-fil-A sandwich. Bring. It. On. Thank you to the people who have thought of me and prayed for me while I... Continue Reading →

Good Experience

The wall. No, not the wall that is in the news all the time. I'm talking about the emotional wall we hit at times. It's not the wall hit when experiencing culture shock and it's not a physical wall (although I have run into a physical wall before). This wall is hit when the experience... Continue Reading →


After visiting Roatan last month, the weeks following have been uneventful. The daily grind has been working, fitness, eating, and hanging out. There were some exceptionally busy days in there, but otherwise it has been pretty chill. The planning for my return to the United States has been eventful. With that, I am ready to... Continue Reading →

Tourist Level: Expert

Traveling can be a chore, but it is often more fun than not. This weekend has been no exception. After a lot of traveling for work, I did just a little more in order to take advantage of having this holiday weekend off. We are on an island called Roatan, and the beaches here are... Continue Reading →

The Day of Inspiration

Had Facebook not notified me, I would not have known that today is a fairly significant day. It was on this day in 2016 that I visited Walt Disney World for the first time on a solo trip. This solo trip sparked the idea of one day being a part of The Walt Disney Company.... Continue Reading →

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